1. 17:33 1st Jan 2012

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    mindful--serenity said: YESSS. I have been looking for a blog about this forever. Some of this stuff is just so impossibly true. I love you blog so much <3

    thanks!!! :]

  2. 19:50 7th Dec 2011

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    mildlyintoxicatedtrophywife said: When the nuns say "Make room for Jesus" at a dance then spray you and your date with Holy water...

  3. 17:31 29th Nov 2011

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    johnnygallaghersass said: Okay, this is pretty much my life and I'm glad I stumbled across it!

    hahah i’m glad you did, too! 

  4. oh, i’m still getting followers. that’s awesome.

    ummm, i’ll probably put stuff up over christmas break when i have nothing else to do.

    but in the mean time, how about i complain about school?


    so, not to spark any internet-debates here (cause those are ridiculous), but this is what i’ve been listening to for the past 3 days in theology class-

    things my pro-life theology teacher has taught me:

    • if a girl cheats on her boyfriend and gets pregnant, she’ll probably claim that she was raped.
    • if you do a test to find out whether your fetus is going to be a baby boy or girl, you’ll probably abort it if you don’t like the result.
    • your baby could grow up to cure cancer, so it deserves life. your baby could also grow up to be the next hitler, STILL DESERVES LIFE.

    k. thanks for reading!


  5. hey,

    thanks for the submissions, guys!

    i’ll try and get them done… you know… eventually.

    keep ‘em coming!

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  8. hey!

    so, i got some awesome submissions.

    and i’m going to start working on them soon.

    but, ya know, it’s spirit week guys!

  9. theresalopez said: I just want to say that I loveeeee this idea!!! You should make a Twitter account for it!

    Thank you!!!

    And i’ll definitely think about going to twitter!

    I’ve just gotta come up with more stuff first! :D

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